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Our Philosophy

Established in NZ in 1968, Peddle Thorp has built a brand that is easily one of the most respected architectural practices in the country.

The cornerstone of the company is built on the notion that the craft of drawing forms the built result. The firm’s core strength is in the quality and depth of design and detailing, which allows the most complex and creative ideas to be articulated into a living reality.

Peddle Thorp's ability to deliver on projects of any scale or type is a strength sought after by clients and industry professionals alike. We take projects from brief to completion, combining flair and value in effective design solutions for clients. We also embrace the opportunity to collaborate with other industry professionals, drawing on unique skills and talents for the benefit of the project. Other practices acknowledge and seek out our industry leadership in this space. 

As a company, we have a down-to-earth, honest and practical approach combined with a unique ability to listen, distil, consider and communicate ideas in a simple, plain and articulate manner. Our strong heritage has provided a pride and assurance in our people, our brand and our craft. Grounded in old-world values of honesty and integrity, each new brief is tackled with enthusiasm, robust discussion and a complete sense of team.

Although proudly independent, Peddle Thorp recognises and contributes to the wealth of knowledge, resource and expertise that is the wider Peddle Thorp Group. We are proud to be part of a group whose projects and offices extend across NZ and Australia, Asia and the Middle East, and value the impartial counsel that comes from this unique relationship. 

With a comprehensive and award-winning body of work that spans all major market sectors, peddlethorp creates spaces with distinct style and a remarkable clarity of vision that can be enjoyed by both current and future generations of New Zealanders.


Our reputation for strong project leadership, excellent communication, responsible cost control, timely delivery and all round teamwork underlines all peddlethorp projects.

Architecture - We undertake a broad range of projects from our traditional high rise commercial and residential, to low rise commercial, residential and hotels. We are active in healthcare, sports and recreation architecture, education and even occasional premium private residential work.


Interior Design - We work in corporate workplace, hospitality, healthcare, retail, residential and education. Our broad industry knowledge delivers thoroughly researched, creative and intelligent solutions that express brand aspirations and enhance the culture and efficiencies of our clients.

Expert Advice & Resolution - The industry and building owners often ask us to resolve issues of technical failures or contract disputes. In these, we rely on our experience, contract and technical knowledge to reach and recommend the proper conclusions.

Technical & QA

Design Detailing - High quality+depth of detailing. Everyone is encouraged to research technical issues and to further specific interests.

On Site - Our common sense approach to detailing is carried through to the site.

QA - Our QA has been developed in the context of working with Clients' and Contractors' systems.

Peer Review - Independent, constructive criticism at critical stages of the design process.


We often work in partnership with other NZ, Australian or international Architects and Interior Designers where complementary roles are played by each practice. Mutual respect always exists and we are willing always and have the maturity, resources and experience, to develop and to deliver the project vision. Our partners include Fearon Hay, PTID, PTW Architects, PT Brisbane, JPW, Harrison + Harrison, Studio Pacific Architecture, Noel Lane, MAP, DEGW, HSPC, Kohn Pederson Fox, Martin Hughes Interiors, Geyer Design, Lance Herbst Architects.



  • Element 02
  • Element 04
  • Element 06
  • Element 03b
  • Element 01
  • Element 05


Element is an inspirational example of sustainable design for Auckland's future of higher density housing. Situated in Ellerslie, this carefully...
Open project
  • Richard Goldie2
  • Botanica Bathroom Ensuite
  • Botanica Living and Balcony
  • Botanica Kitchen
  • Botanica Apartment Interior


Located in the heart of Mt Eden, between the CBD and Mt Eden village; Botanica is central to the proposed...
Open project
  • Botanica Courtyard Terrace
  • Botanica Street
  • 06 Botanica Courtyard view to Apartment Terrace
  • 05 Botanica Bathroom
  • 01 Botanica Entry to Display Suite
  • 09 Botanica Display Suite Street Frontage
  • 02 Botanica Sales Floor
  • 03 Botanica Sales Floor
  • 04 Botanica Main Bedroom
  • Richard Goldie2

Botanica Display Suite

The client brief was to create a display suite to take potential purchasers on a journey through a visual gallery,...
Open project
  • 02R Botanica Standard Kitchen through to Display Suite
  • 03R Botanica Living through to Main Bedroom
  • 01R Botanica Sales Floor 02
Botanica Display Suite
  • 08 Downtown Masterplan Skygarden
  • 09 Downtown Masterplan Birds Eye View
  • 04 Downtown Masterplan Quay Street Elevation
  • 05 Downtown Masterplan Albert Street Elevation
  • 07 Downtown Masterplan Sky Lobby
  • 02 Downtown Masterplan Little Queen Street View
  • 03 Downtown Masterplan Albert Street View
  • 01 Downtown Tower
  • 06 Downtown Masterplan Roofgarden

Downtown Master Plan

2013 is the third year we have hosted a team of four 4th year Unitec Architecture students in our office...
Open project
  • 04T Downtown Masterplan Second Floor Level
  • 05T Downtown Masterplan Tower Levels
  • 07T Downtown Masterplan E W Site Section
  • 03T Downtown Masterplan at Customs Street level
  • 02T Downtown Masterplan at Quay Street level
  • 08T Downtown Masterplan Study Views
  • 10T Downtown Masterplan Tower Comparison
  • 06T Downtown Masterplan N S Site Section
  • 01T Downtown Masterplan Tower section
  • 09T Downtown Masterplan Tower Study
Downtown Master Plan
  • 01 EAST BLG7391 s
  • 08 EAST BLG7382 s

Westpac on Takutai / Ernst & Young

The Ernst & Young Building is a large scale 5 star Green Star rated office development in the Britomart Precinct,...
Open project
  • 06 EAST BLD3868 s
  • 04 EAST BLD3782 s
  • 05 EAST BLD3784 s
  • 02 EAST BLD4668 2
  • 07 EAST BLD3501 2 s
  • 03 EAST BLD3753 s
Westpac on Takutai / Ernst & Young
  • Greys Avenue 01
  • Richard Goldie2

85-89 Greys Ave

Open project
  • Greys Avenue 02
  • Greys Avenue 03
  • Richard Goldie2
85-89 Greys Ave
  • Zhengzhou
  • Zhengzhou
  • Richard Goldie2
  • Zhengzhou


A speculative project for a massive 700,000 sqm mixed use retail / office / residential development in Zhengzhou China. ...
Open project
  • Zhengzhou
  • Zhengzhou
  • Zhengzhou
  • Zhengzhou
  • Zurich 02 s
  • Zurich 07 s
  • Jason-Huang.JPG
  • Zurich 09 s
  • Zurich 04 s
  • Zurich 01 s
  • Zurich 08 s
  • Miller Guirguis

Zurich House

21 Queen Street experienced a dramatic transformation as it was extensively refurbished to become one of Auckland's premier office buildings.

Open project
  • Zurich 03 s
  • Zurich 05 s
  • Zurich 06 s
Zurich House
  • Westpac Charter House 02
  • Westpac Charter House 07
  • Westpac Charter House 04
  • Westpac Charter House 08
  • Westpac Charter House 06

Westpac Charter House

Westpac Charter House is a 'Green' office development in the Britomart Precinct, downtown Auckland.

The building was designed in partnership with...
Open project
  • Westpac Charter House 05
  • Westpac Charter House 03
  • Westpac Charter House 09
  • Westpac Charter House 01
Westpac Charter House
  • 02 Ford Building
  • 05 Ford Building
  • 04 Ford Building
  • 08 Ford Building

Ford Building

The new head office building for Ford New Zealand has expansive views over the Tamaki Estuary at Highbrook Office Park

Open project
  • 14 Ford Building
  • 13 Ford Building
  • 06 Ford Building
  • 10 Ford Building
  • 09 Ford Building
  • 11 Ford Building
  • 07 Ford Building
  • 15 Ford Building
  • 03 Ford Building
Ford Building
  • 01 Meridian Building Wellington s
  • 03 Meridian Building Wellington s
  • 06 Meridian Building Wellington s
  • 02 Meridian Building Wellington s

Meridian Building

  • 07 Meridian Building Wellington
  • Terry Barnes2
  • 05 Meridian Building Wellington s
  • 04 Meridian Building Wellington s
Meridian Building
  • Brian Aitken2
  • 05 Vero s
  • 01 Vero s

Vero Centre

  • 04 Vero s
  • 02 Vero s
  • 03 Vero s
Vero Centre