Wynyard Quarter Master Plan

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About this Project

The Unitec School of Architecture approached us to engage with four 4th year Architecture students to undertake a ‘complex’ project in a real world setting.
Starting with Auckland City’s Zone Plan the team examined this in context of a site identified by the ‘real’ Client Waterfront Auckland, for their 45,000sqm site bounded by Halsey, Madden, Beaumont and Pakenham streets. The brief was to develop a credible largely residential mixed use scheme. The scheme was to reasonably maximise the development, while maintaining and integrating much of the current industrial heritage which was mooted for possible removal.

Project team: Shanta Trusewich, Whitney Gearing, Daniel Sullivan, Michael Holehouse, Andrew Kissell, Richard Goldie.


Client Waterfront Auckland

Location Wynyard Precinct
New Zealand

Completion date November 2011



Wynyard Innovation 01

Selwyn Square view

Wynyard Innovation 06

Linea park view

Wynyard Innovation 07

View down Central Lane towards Viaduct Harbour

Wynyard Innovation 08

Character Buildings

Wynyard Innovation 09

Pedestrian Connection

Wynyard Innovation 11

Connections between Retail, Residential and Parks

Wynyard Area 4 is a vibrant masterplan bringing together diverse residential, cultural and commercial uses with a potential residential population of over 2000 people. The concept embraced the existing character buildings and maritime industries in a development offering credible living in a genuinely compelling urban waterfront setting.

Wynyard Innovation 03

Wynyard Quarter Zones and Uses

Wynyard Innovation 04

Wynyard Quarter Area 4 Zones and Uses

Wynyard Innovation 02

Site Location

Wynyard Innovation 2

Transport, Mixed Use Diagram and Massing Masterplan

Wynyard Innovation 10

Live Work

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