Eight at The Langham

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About this Project

The brief required a new concept in dining, the first of its kind on the New Zealand restaurant scene. A "Market Kitchen" offering diners a journey through eight international cuisines with high quality food cooked to order in front of patrons. Each cuisine station had to have a distinctive look reflecting the type of cuisine, at the same time presenting a cohesive dining atmosphere.

All the above were challenging and we worked closely with the Hotel Manager and Executive Chef to develop the brief and finalise its functionality.

Careful planning and spatial resolution delivered the unique dining experience envisioned. Co-ordination with the joinery contractor and specialist kitchen consultant during concept and detailed design phases allowed the necessary practical elements of the open kitchens such as display units, work benches and kitchen hoods to be designed to lessen bulk and at the same time give the diner a clear and unobstructed view and service.


Client The Langham, Auckland

Location 83 Symonds Street
New Zealand

Completion date January 2010



01 8atLangham 1

Tandoor ovens at the Indian Bazaar

02 8atLangham s

Sushi and salad bar

03 8atLangham s

Sushi preparation

04 8atLangham a

Manhattan Grill 

05 8atLangham s

Seafood Market

08 8atLangham

Floor plan

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