85-89 Greys Ave

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About this Project


Client Auckland Council

Location 85-89 Greys Ave
New Zealand

Completion date January 2011



Greys Avenue 01

The entire development is set back from the Greys Avenue street edge and this anticipates the leafy residential context predominant in the street.

Richard Goldie2
A truly challenged site, perhaps typical of what we’re going to find more and more in the city. Who needs Sudoku?
Richard Goldie
Greys Avenue 02

The design is a seven storey building establishing an urban frontage to Mayoral Drive, linked via a six storey connection to a thirteen storey tower in the middle of the rear part of the site.

Greys Avenue 03

Large floor plates, well lit, with cores located to emphasise serendipitous informal staff interaction while avoiding silo-like subdivisions.

Richard Goldie2
Design ‘zooms in and out’ through the integration of elements. Here we managed to develop a façade grid of mullions and shading elements whose spacing stepped in and out of phase and provided what might be the ultimate space planning grid- 1200 and 1350 and 1500!
Richard Goldie

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