Unitec Student project completion

Thursday, November 16 2017

Our 2017 Unitec student project is now complete. Under the guidance of Director, Richard Goldie, four students - Adrian Janus, Jack Luo, Rohini Contractor and Yadharsh Vijaykumar, were challenged to develop concepts demonstrating “Future Living” in the context of Fletcher Living’s Three Kings master plan. The students were required to analyse the existing masterplan and undertake research as to what disruptions may be emerging that would challenge the nature of work and the future of living. These included environmental strategies, flexible living, alternative models for housing, workplaces and transportation. They were then to select a site amongst the proposed development, and analyse and propose a building capturing ‘future living’ propositions. The students recently presented their work to members of the Peddle Thorp design team and tutors from Unitec for final critique. Congratulations to all involved for challenging themselves to develop a complex building in a testing geographical and urban context, and for the professional standard of their presentations.